How to fix element not found error?

Many users have upgraded their windows version to Windows 10, and just after the upgrade, they are facing various issues. Various problems have been encountered and have been complained about by users after the upgrade and have left them in no thoughts about how to solve or tackle them.

Well, this article is for users who have been facing the explorer problem issue after the upgrade. We, with this article, would try to tell you ways of how to protect yourself from such problems.

With this article, you would be able to protect from and resolve that issue as we have discussed easily to resolve them.

How to fix element not found error?

Have you been facing the issue, where an error message saying “Element Not Found” may be showing on a popup as you try to open any pre-installed windows app or any other of the pre-installed program? Well then this is a windows issue, and there may be a few reasons behind that issue. With this article, we would try to tackle your problem and discuss the ways to solve it.

The problem is mostly seen in the Windows 10 users, and they all face it almost after installing the update. So it’s possible that after just few restart after installing the new update that you are facing the issue. This is an explorer.exe error, and due to this they might affect “Internet Explorer” and “Setting” and other system’s programs and due to which you will not be able to operate efficiently through your operating system.

Here are some of the reasons that might be causing you to face this issue:

  • Unsupported Programs
  • Problem in Drivers
  • Corrupted Window files

These are the three common issue that might cause the problem and to resolve it we have discussed some of the quick ways to get rid of the issue.

Before we go further, we would let you know that if you are a Lenovo user, then there is a short way that can help you get rid of the issue and that way is by removing certain Lenovo specific software that might be causing the problem. So it would best first to remove them. Lenovo CAPSOD and Onekey Theatre are the two software that could be the reason for that, and we would recommend you to remove that first if obviously, you are a Lenovo user.

So here we have discussed for you guys some of the solutions you can look up to get rid of the problem.

1.     Fixing Unsupported Programs Problem

The first and common issue can be due to the presence of some unsupported and corrupt program or software. There is a chance that there is software that may be corrupted or at times are unsupported by your device and causing the issue.

Unsupported software and programs are most of the times the bug causing the issue. Mostly at times this software and app are causing an issue, and you can get rid of it just by deleting or uninstalling that software and programs from your computer.

The only issue with this solution is that you don’t know which app or program is causing the issue, so you have to uninstall and remove all those apps which you don’t use and are recently installed.

So you have to go to your control panel and in that choose the uninstall program option and select all those apps you don’t work on or don’t use a lot. Also, remove any recently installed app as it is highly probable that they are the reason for your computer’s issue.

So for uninstalling you first need to press the Window key and the R key at the same time and it will pop up the Run command. In that, you need to type “appwiz.cpl” keyword and it will quickly open Windows Program and Features option for you.

In the programs and feature, you need to select the app that you want to uninstall. Select the program by right-clicking on it and then click on Uninstall. This will completely remove and uninstall the program from your PC.

2.     Fixing drivers Problem

Well if the above option didn’t work for you and even after eliminating most of the software you still are facing the issue then it can be the case that the problem is with the driver rather than the software.

Another reason for the problem can be a problem with the drivers. The error occurring in explorer.exe can be solved just by fixing this driver problem. In 90% of the cases in Windows 10 users it is seen that unsupported drivers and faulty driver are the reason for the issue so can be easily resolved just by upgrading them and putting them on the update.

First, you need to check your video drivers. In most of the cases, they are the one that needs to be updated and upgraded. For this you will have to open your windows device manager where you will see all of the installed drivers listed, so to open it first you need to open the run command by once again pressing the window key and the R key at the same time and in there you need to type “devmgmt.msc” and then press enter.

After the device manager is opened up then, you need to click on the display adaptor option, and it will thus unfold. After that follow these steps:

  1. After unfolding of display adapter if you see Microsoft Basic Display Adapter installed on your PC then that means that you will have to update your display hardware drivers as your windows don’t have any.
  2. If the display drivers are already installed on your PC, then we recommend that you uninstall them and then restart your PC. If that solves your problem, then it is obvious that it was the driver causing the issue. If that doesn’t work either, then you might try installing the latest driver for your windows version and use it.
  3. It may be the case that after you click on display adapter, you see two video adapter drivers installed in your computer then you need to uninstall the one with name “Intel” and then you need to restart your computer and see the changes taken place.
  4. If the video driver thing doesn’t work then it may be the case that your other system driver is causing the issue so for that you would need to put all your system’s drivers onto update and make sure of installing only those drivers which are supported by your window’s version.

3.     Fixing corrupted windows problem

If both of the ways mentioned above are not working for you, then the third possible reason that you are facing the problem could be that your window is corrupted and that you might have to update your window to solve the problem.

It is possible that your computer’s window has gone corrupted and it is causing the problem due to which you face issue whenever you use Windows app store or any other pre-installed program.

There’s few couple of things you can try to fix this issue. And some of them are discussed here:

Using SFC scan command– It is a command run in command prompt and can be used to repair just by typing only a single command, and it will repair your windows after its done scanning.

  1. At first, you would need to open CMD as an administrator.
  2. Then you need to type sfc/scannow, and it will start the scanning process, and when it’s done, and the verification is complete, then you need to restart your computer and then check if the issue has been resolved, if yes then good otherwise you can follow through next steps.

Use Windows update- Another way to solve your problem is by updating your windows, and that can fix your windows problem as this will resolve all the issues with corrupted drivers and all and will internally scan your computer and update everything. So it would be better and recommendable to use it and resolve up the problem.

Do both of these, and after that, your problem might be solved. If it is still persistent, then the reason is not clear and the problem could be due to other reason and steps discussed below can be taken to solve them.

4.     For Edge users only

This solution is for users who are facing the issue only while using edge browser. This will work almost 95% of the time and in cases if it won’t then it might be that the issue is with your Windows operating system rather than the browser.

So for this step, you would need to reset all the setting of your internet explorer and bring it back to its normal state. So for this to be done, you will have to go to the advanced tab in your INTERNET PROPERTIES, and then you will have to click on the reset button.  For going to internet properties, you can open the run command and use the keyword “inetcpl.cpl”.

This step was only for users who face the problem only when they operate the Edge and use it or browse using it.

5.     A Tool to Help!

Well if you are up to this step then this means all above steps were of no help and you are still facing the issue still after trying all of them. Well in that case here is our last remedy,  a tool that can help!

Well if that all have not work until now for you then you might try and install this tool named ReimagePlus, and it will protect you from any harm and malware to protect you. You can quickly prevent PC issues by downloading it. So first go over the internet and look for this tool and install it and then once it is installed then you can click on start scan and it will start finding issues causing the problem and will begin eliminating them. Once the scan is done, then click on the “repair all” button to fix all the issue and once it is done then probably the issue must have been resolved and probably you won’t face the problem further on.

This is a safe and a very good tool to resolve the issue, and it would surely help in checking and resolving the issue. You can get this tool for free and is completely safe to download.

6.     What if the problem still stays?

Well if the problem is still persistent and causing you trouble then the only way to deal with it is to use some other alternative app or software that might not be causing the problem. In most cases, one of the above solutions will surely work but in rare cases, if they don’t then you might have to look for an alternative to the app and stop using the one creating an issue.

These all were the ways you can look forward to solving the issue. We recommend that you try all of them two times just to be sure and if the problem is still persistent then you might contact to your nearby operator.

Wrapping it up:

Explorer error with a message showing “Element not found” is an issue that we have heard complained by lots of users and is mostly seen to happen after the user has updated their windows and in most cases in Windows 10.

For tackling that issue, we wrote this article for you illustrating ways to resolve the issue, and we have discussed few steps on it and have explained in a detailed manner so that you can do them and perform it easily.

In most case one of the above ways will surely help and will solve the issue but in few cases, if it doesn’t help then what to do have also been told here.

We hope that the above article was helpful to you and that you were able to solve your problem or issue causing it and that it is not troubling you anymore.

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