How to Fix System Service Exception windows 10,8,8.1,7

If you are reading this article to solved your System Service Exception, it means you have encountered the system service bug on your device also called the system service blue screen of death. Many of the users who upgraded to the windows 10 version have been facing this issue, and fortunately for them, we have found out ways to tackle their problem. In this article, we have discussed various steps one can take to recover from the issue and solve it permanently for your device.

Many users are facing the problem of a blue screen of error being popped up saying that your PC ran into some problem and needed to restart. At the bottom, you must have seen search system exception for more details, which have brought you to this article. This is a problem many users are facing and can be easily solved by following some steps discussed later in this article Solved system service exception blue screen.

This issue can be because of many reasons like you have not updated your driver, a new update you might have installed can be the reason, or some other reason can give rise to this issue.

Following are the ways you can opt for to solve the issue creating the blue screen of death problem.

How to fix System service exception error?

There are many ways you can solve this issue depending on what is the reason for this issue. Follow these steps to solve your issue. One of these ways must get your problem solved and remove the issue of system service exception netio.sys :

Undo any of the recent changes:

The issue can be due to the recent installation of a new hardware or new software. This new installation might have been the reason that invited the bug, so all you need to do in that case is undo those changes and try to take back your PC’s condition to the way it was before you made those changes. In most of the cases, the new updates and changes are the reason for the bug and are easily resolved by undoing those changes. So try and undo them first before trying anything else.

If the issue doesn’t get resolved after this, then the reason for the problem is something else, and you need to go through any of the other steps to solve it.

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Update available drivers:

One of the reasons that your device is facing that issue could be that you have incompatible drivers. You can verify that and then update it if it isn’t.

If you don’t know how to that, then you can install and use “Driver Easy”. It will do all the work on its own by recognising the system and will fix according to your device. So even if you don’t have the proper skills to update your driver, then you can do it by “Driver Easy”.

  • First, you would need to download Driver Easy. You can easily get this by searching it over the internet and then download it for free for your computer.
  • Now you need to install it.
  • After that run Driver Easy and then click on the Scan Now button. It will then scan your device and then will detect any problem with the drivers.
  • After that, you need to click on the Update button which is next to all flagged devices, and it will automatically download and install the appropriate version of the drivers.
  • You can also click on Update All; it will automatically download and install the appropriate version of the drivers which are out of date or may be missing from the system (this step is only for those who have the pro version of the app).
  • The update will start, wait for it to complete and once all the update is completed then restart your PC, and after that, you should not face that issue anymore, and that bug should not bug you anymore.

Run Memory Diagnostic tool:

The reason for the issue can be that your RAM is at fault. If that’s the case then you can check the status of your RAM by following steps:

Run Memory Diagnostic tool

  • First, you need to invoke the Run command which can be done by searching in Cortana and typing Run, or you can also use the shortcut key which is Windows logo key + R at the same time. In the Run command type mdsched.exe in the box and then click on enter.
  • There you will see to option one saying restart now and check for problems, or you can also do it the next time you start your computer.
  • Choose the one that suits you according to your situation and click on it.
  • You will see a new blue screen, and it will have a progress bar, let it complete and see if any error or issues are raised.
  • If there is an error detected, then it is recommended to change your current memory card with a new one. But if no errors are raised then it means that your memory card is not causing any problems.
  • So if no error is raised when the bug causing element is something else and you need other than this step to tackle the issue, so go through any other of the step to resolve the bug.

Scan Hard Disk for Errors:

You also may have a faulty hard drive which may be causing the problem for that you must check and replace it if that’s the case. You can check for that by these few steps:

  • At first, you need to open the file Explorer and in it click on This PC.
  • In it, you will see your hard drive (like local disk C).
  • Right, click on it, and there you will see another option saying properties.
  • Click on it and then you will see a new box appears.
  • On the top, you will see an option saying tools, click on it and then you will see an option saying CHECK click on it.
  • It will take some time and will scan your hard drive for any problems.
  • If at last, you see an option saying that your device has successfully scanned then there is no problem with your device’s hard drive and is risk free, but if there is an issue with your hard drive then it will not appear, and then you have to consider buying a new hard drive to get this problem to be solved.
  • So if it is displayed, then the bug causing element is something else, and you need other than this step to tackle the issue, so go through any other of the step to resolve the bug.

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Uninstall 3rd party antivirus apps:

Another reason for the bug can be due to the presence of antivirus. Sometimes the reason of the blue screen of death can be the presence of that antivirus. So it would be recommended that you either disable or better recommended completely uninstall them. It has been seen that antivirus programs have a strong link to this problem sometimes. So if it is really the cause of the bug, then it would be easily resolved just by removing it from your PC. Many Antiviruses like McAfee, BitDefender, Virtual Clone Drive etc. are used by people to protect their computer from the harm or say virus. For most users Window defender is more than enough to protect their PC and there is no need for any other Antivirus so you can easily uninstall them without any safety considerations.

If the issue is resolved by removing the Antivirus, then you can contact their support for more assistance. Also, you need to remember to visit safe sites only so that you remain protected from internet spread viruses after the un-installation of the antivirus.

After that, you can try and opt for any other antivirus if you want to (if the issue is resolved after removing the antivirus).

These were the steps you can look for in case you face that bug, in most of the cases one of them will surely solve that problem of yours and then you will not face that issue anymore. So try all of them until one of them resolve your issue and in most cases, one of them should.

Over to you:

System security failure is one of the issues faced by many of the users and is very irritating. A blue death screen (Wikipedia) appears saying that your device has run into some problem and that it would take some time to solve and would restart also. Many time it appears while you are doing some very important work and becomes a complete headache at such situation. To solve that issue we wrote this article and had discussed way on how to solve the issue and ways to get rid of that blue screen in future. We have discussed of many ways, and one of them will surely solve your issue all you need to do is to follow them carefully, and after that, you will not face an issue of that blue screen appearing after that.

Are You Still Experiencing Error 0x3B (SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION) Issues?

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