Fix HDMI Sound Not working Windows 10 – HDMI sound driver

Windows 10 have certainly few problems which can be fixed easily with some guidelines. One of the issue windows 10 users are facing is the HDMI no sound error on Windows PC and laptop.

Problems like this arise occasionally, and we are here to guide you how you can take control of the problems without causing too much trouble to the system and to yourself. If you read this article carefully, then I can guarantee that you will definitely go fic HDMI no sound error on your Windows 10 PC.

Here, we have more than one solutions for you to fic the HDMI No sound error. Since windows have a complex built with lots of functions and options, it gives us the dynamic to solve a particular problem with more than one method in most of the cases.

You can follow any of the solutions which I will tell you later in this article. You don’t have to go through each and every method if your HDMI sound gets fix with the first method. So I suggest you to go through one by one from the first method and keep following the guide until the issue gets fixed.

So before we get into the solutions let’s talk about how HDMI works and how such problem arise?

Fix HDMI Sound Not working Windows 10 – HDMI sound driver

HDMI cable is used to connect devices to your laptop to your TV with the same HDMI configuration which connects to your laptop. Connecting your laptop to your TV is very easy, you don’t have to be super smart about computer connections. Things you would need to connect your laptop to your TV are the compatible cables and HDMI ports in your streaming hardware which will be your TV. If you can work with this the right way, you will be watching your laptop contents on your television in no time.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a television which can stream content from your laptop. With connecting the right HDMI port, you can watch services like BBC iPlayer, Sky Go and Netflix. HDMI cable also works on the projector, but that is not the ideal way of watching content.

You just have to connect the HDMI cable from your TV to your laptop via HDMI ports. The HDMI ports can be found alongside all the other ports on both your laptop and TV.

There are other options to stream your laptop content to your TV wirelessly, but that is not our main topic of this article. We will only talk about the HDMI connections and the problems related to it.

It is always the best option to get a high-quality HDMI cable from a branded company. Most of the laptops and TV have the HDMI ports in it. If you are having a six years old television, then don’t expect to get any sort of HDMI port or even a USB port on your TV. Then I would suggest you to get a new television.

Connect laptop to your TV via HDMI cable

HDMI cable is the easiest option to connect your laptop to your TV. Most of the laptop and TV nowadays have the necessary ports to perform all the standard task, and HDMI port is one of them. HDMI ports have been with television since late 2010. Sometimes the problems that occur because of the HDMI connection is not necessarily because of the HDMI itself. Windows provides software updates to HDMI drivers which are available on your PC and laptop. So it is possible that your HDMI sound is not working because of you didn’t update your HDMI driver on your laptop. But we are not going to leave the solution there, most of the users who are looking for the solution may already update their system along with all the essential driver software.

Your laptop or PC will automatically detect your TV as soon as you connect it to your laptop or PC via HDMI cable. Your computer will give you the best settings to configure your TV with the HDMI connection. If your laptop does not configure itself, then you can also do it manually. Just go to control panel > Display >adjust Resolution. From there you will see two drop down boxes. You have to toggle the display drop down which make sure that your TV is selected. Now the next thing you need to do is ensure the resolution drop down box and check if it matches all the settings which work for your TV.

Getting HDMI no sound error is common to Windows 10 users community. There are lots of people who are looking for the solutions. Well, now you have the solution, and you don’t have to get frustrated when you plug and play something from your laptop to your Television next time.

Method 1 – Set HDMI Device as Default Device

This is a basic solution yet very effective. A lot of people does not set their HDMI device as the default device, and that is one of the reasons why you get no sound error in your HDMI output. So if your HDMI device is not set to the default device, then you won’t hear the sound from the HDMI output.

Here are the steps to set HDMI device as default device

  1. On the bottom right side of your home screen, you will see sound volume icon. Right click on that icon and a context menu will show up.
  2. In the context menu, you have to click on “playback devices”.
  3. Now playback devices tab will open where you have to select the “Digital Output device” or “”HDMI” option. After clicking on that, select the option as default by clicking on “Set Default” and then click “OK”.

If Digital output device or HDMI options does not even appear in the first place, then right click on the blank area and then click on “Show Disconnected Devices” and “Show Disabled devices”. After showing disconnected devices follow the 3rd step.

This will set your HDMI device as your default device and hope the sound fully will come from the HDMI output.

Method 2 – Update the Sound driver

Updating driver is very important even if you have no issue with the HDMI output. No Sound HDMI error can be caused by the driver issue. If you are not familiar with how you can update your sound driver, then simply update your sound driver with “Driver Easy”.

Driver Easy will make things easy for you since you don’t need to know about what configuration needs what kind of sound drivers. Driver Easy will do all that for you and update your sound driver according to your windows 10 laptop and PC. You don’t have to take the risk of downloading and installing the wrong driver for your laptop.

Drive Easy have the free version and the pro version with some advanced tools. I recommend you to go with the pro version since it just takes two clicks to update your sound driver.

How to download and install driver easy

  1. go to this link to download Driver easy on your windows 10 laptop and PC.
  2. After downloading Driver easy, simply double click on the .exe file to install the tool.
  3. Open Driver easy and click on “Scan now” button to start the scan. Driver easy will scan your whole system and detects the problem if there is any.
  4. To download and install the correct drivers, you need to go to the update section. It will show all the drivers who need to be updated, and you can simply update all the drivers by clicking on “Update All”. Keep in mind that you need the pro version in order to update all the correct driver on your Windows PC.

Method 3 – Check if all hardware devices work

If any of the solutions do not work with you, then this one will definitely solve it for you. You need to make sure that all your hardware devices are working without any error.

  1. Check whether the cables have any problem – Sometimes the HDMI cable can be defective, try some other cable and see if the problem resolves.
  2. Check if the output ports work fine – Just like the cables, your ports can have the issue, if you have more than one HDMI port then use the other port to see if works.
  3. Check the Monitor if it works properly – your monitor speaker may have the sole problem which brings you to this situations. Sometimes you think that HDMI has the sound issue because you didn’t even turn up the volume of the speaker or the speakers were not even plugged in.

Over to you:

SO these are the solutions which will solve your HDMI no sound error on your Windows 10 laptops and PC. Keep in mind that if any hardware is not working and it is creating the problem, then any of these solutions won’t work. You simply have to buy new hardware of that specific category which is causing the issue.

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