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Google Drive is an amazing service for storing your files and for synchronizing them. It was launched in 2012 for users, helping them to store files over the cloud and synchronize them and use it across various devices. It has a large storage and is completely secure to use.  It is available as an app for Android, Windows, and Mac OS as well.

In PC you can use it if you have a Windows 7 or better. Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage and can be extended to few ten’s of TB by paying a certain monthly amount.  Google Drive has several features which are very handy and helps in many cases. It is also available in the app and can be used with your mobile.

After the launch of this service, it has faced much criticism on its privacy policy terms by their members. There are some set of terms and agreement which are being used for all the services provided, so it provides them rights to reproduce and create other work using the content stored on Google Drive. Though the policies confirm that the user has the right over the content and it can’t be used still, some advocates say that it provides Google to use it according to their concern and way and offer them right over it. In contrast, other members of the media noted that the agreements were no worse than those of competing cloud storage services, but that the competition uses “more artful language” in the agreements, and also stated that Google needs the rights in order to “move files around on its servers, cache your data, or make image thumbnails”.

Fix Windows Cannot Search the Google Drive Folder {*Video Tutorial*}

Features of Google Drive:

Google Drive is a wonderful service developed in 2012. It is being used across the globe and has several features. Some of the important and amazing features have been discussed below:

  1. It incorporates an amazing file sharing system, which makes it easy for users to share file and folders with other users.
  2. You can easily upload your files and then share a link to it among other users. This makes sharing of file easy and fast.
  3. There are various other apps which come with it, and they are very helpful for other uses.
  4. File sharing can be made public and private anytime as user wishes to.
  5. It provides up to 15 GB storage for free and can be extended up to 30 TB by paying a certain amount monthly.
  6. It is also accessible for the visually impaired users after its 2014 update which makes this service accessible for the visually impaired users.
  7. The availability of mobile apps is one of the other features which add to its quality.
  8. In 2016 update Google Drive has been added with a backup feature.
  9. Quick access is one of the other features which add to its quality. It provides access to the most used file without your need to type anything.
  10. It also helps in viewing a file in various formats like.WEBM,MPEG4, .3GPP, .MOV,AVI,MPEG, .MPEGPS, .CSS, .HTML, .PHP, .C, .CPP, .H, .HPP, .JS, .WMV,FLV, .OGG on the web.


google drive

Various users are using goggle Drive, but many of the Windows 10 users have been complaining about facing issues with file synchronization in Google Drive. These issues can be solved through various ways; some of them are listed below. Follow them to solve your problems:

Using tools to fix PC problems:

  • There are various tools you can use to fix this problem.
  • One of them is ReimagePlus, download it for fixing the issue.
  • After downloading click on “Start Scan” to find the issues and then click on “Repair all” (it is in an upgraded version).
  • Now the sync issue must be solved, and you can use Google Drive once again.

Reinstall Google Drive:

  • You can also try reinstalling Google Drive. It will completely reset hence removes all bugs.
  • To reinstall, quit from Google Drive and then Uninstall and then rename the Google Drive folder as anything and then reinstall the Google Drive.
  • Syncing should work now.

Disable Firewall and Antivirus:

  • You can also try to solve the problem by turning off the Windows Firewall and antivirus.
  • Go to control panel and there you will find an option to turn off the windows firewall
  • Antivirus can be disabled from the notification bar with the antivirus icon.
  • Now you need to restart your PC, and then you will see the issue to be solved.

Using older version:

  • You can also try using the older version of Google Drive.
  • You can uninstall the Google Drive and then use a cleaner to clean registry files.
  • Now install the older version of Google Drive.

These were few of the ways you can use to solve the syncing issue in Google Drive that has been encountered in Windows 10 by some of the users. There are other ways also that one can go for and choose to solve the issue. The above-listed ways are the most used and the one with best outcomes.


Google Drive is a wonderful service for providing storage and synchronizing your files. With the help of this service, we can use our files across various gadgets efficiently and can share them with other users by uploading it. This is an amazing service and has some fantastic features and other great apps with it. It is being used by various users and has an amazing feedback from across the globe.

Fixing of Google Drive synchronizing issue can be done easily and has been discussed in this article. There are many method options which user can go for according to their issue. The above-listed solution are the most recommended and can be used by the user to solve the syncing issue of the Google drive faced in Windows 10.

So that will be all about this fixing the Google Drive synchronizing issue.

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